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Ok so I like this game, but its getting boring, and it looks like it hasnt been updated since 2011 and its 2016 so an update would be nice.... Maybe add some more things....

Love it!

I really like this game but I wish they had it so you could speed up what your people are doing like on the sims


I used to play this game when I was in middle school and I just graduated high school and still love it!! have to keep a really close eye on your family to make sure they stay healthy and fed.

short and sweet

Its fudging amazing at the beginning..... Then it got played out. No updates like ever! So dont buy the "full version" its the same thing, different days.

More animals allowed

It would be great if we could have multiple animals at once.

Do you know where the green leak tape is?

Money glitch

Ok so I earned a lot of cash by completing goals right? So I had 200 or something cash on the bank but on the box where it showed how much money I had supposedly only have 106 cash but then I deleted the app and then I re downloaded it but it still did the money glitch please fix this


A excellent game to play. You understand whats happening and what is going to happen to you in ur future. When my ppl r barbecuing I can smell the delicious smell from the game to me!!nnn

2016- eh

It mightve been good whenever it first came out but now it is definitely not the best. You can barely make out the faces on the virtual people and it is hard to make money. Not worth $1.99 for sure. If you like Virtual Families altogether, I recommend Virtual Families 2. It is a much better game than this one and its free. Its basically the same game except you can see the people better and make coins easily. The only thing about the new Virtual Families is that there are in-app-purchases which rarely come across the screen they are just there in case you need extra coins.


Ok, this game is extra funnnn!! I love it! But I got a couple questions. How can you make the person no be depressed? && when the little people arent doing anything, what should I do? Just get out of the app or what? Thanks !



Pretty good game but

I get the air purifier right ? But the mom got sick I got her medicine and I left the app for a moment and when I re entered she was sick and this happened a bunch of times I kept having to buy her medicine again and again please fix!


Ive been playing the game for A LONG TIME. Ive been through MANY generations (32) I loved the game. I was always careful with these life decisions. WELL ONE DAY I WENT TO PLAY IT AND I ACCENDENTLY PRESSED THE RESTART BUTTON!!!!!!!!! I lost EVERYTHING. Why would you put the small play and restart button right below each other. UGH I LOST EVERYTHING MY WHOLE HOUSE I PAYED FOR AND ALLLLLL... OF MY FURNITURE. ALL MY PETS AND BEAUTIFUL FAMILIES. This is so unbelievable I payed REAL MONEY (30$) or more. Plz HELP ME!!!

Dont use cheats unless you want your family to age

Ok so I used the second cheat on the 30th review and I went back to 2000 in my date an time settings. Then I switched it back to 2016 and all of my family was sick and about twice the age they were before I used the cheat. Saphetta and Akolo were 40 when they had been 31 before. Sophiania was 6 and then out of nowhere she was 13! Balolo was 5 and then he was 12! And Bretta was a cute little two year old but after the switch she was 9! This DEFINITELY taught me that even in a game money isnt everything. Besides that I love the game and I am addicted to it. And so now I have Trishella who is 27 and nothing compared to Saphetta my first ever person on the full version. Ok so now its been. Few days and I have grown to love Trishella, Cirrus, Nappa, Soonaina, Luciana, Adopted daughter Soony, Basilian, and Boots. Cant wait to choose my next generation!


Ok so Ive downloaded it like three times but I loooooove this game sooo much it like youre in youre own world!!!!!!


This game is Awesome!!! Definitely worth the money!! I just have a couple tiny issues with the naming process… I have three kids and two of them are named the same name. There arent enough plates of a family of 5 or more people and there arent enough stools for 6 or more people. If you would fix this this would be the best game ever.

Update plz theres a problem with sleeping

Big problem with sleeping so I put them to put and then leave the game for 5 minutes and they are up? Plz plz update and fix

love it but

Ive had this game for a while and I recently started playing it again and its super fun and addicting. I think you guys should update it though. some helpful ideas are 1.different races 2.leave the house maybe? 3.not having them die early 4.easier ways for twins/triplets just some more fun to the game but love it

Love this app!!! ❤️

I love this app and have a few suggestions. Could there be cribs for the baby children so the mother could put the child down? Could there also be an option panel for each object so if someone were in the kitchen and you tried to make them get a drink you could just press a button instead of trial and error? Thx for reading!

Amazing! Is Good for your money!

I love this game its so much fun. Its good for Children because it teaches them to be Responisble!

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