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USE to like it

Okay I use to LOVE this game❤ but then it sucked!


Great game but gets boring after awhile need new updates and it would be cool if u could add on to the house change it up not always the same stuff and also if u get to name the kids etc <3

Great game but......

This is a great game but there should be an update. It would be a lot more fun if you could leave the house and if the kids went to school. Also you should be able to create your own character and name yourself and your kids, who names there kid tofu or blondie? Just saying...... Please take this into consideration!


I love this game but now... 1:The mom for some reason just vanished so I clicked on her profile and I showed me a spot where she was supposed to be but I cant see her! 2: who names there Kid humph, proxy, gipsi, tonic, star, orbit, bug, loot, tiny, Beamer, java, zest, freckles, zebra... U get my point u should b able to name them urself 3: I finished all of the collections except bugs and I need 4 more and they wont apear in my lawn 4: I think u should b able 2 go 2 school with the kids and go 2 work with the parents 5: the pets dont die yet the parents die! So technically it isnt just like real life 6: the years go by so fast its just wired I thought that the game was good untill just now

Great game...

Its a good game. I go on it everyday, but it really needs and upgrade because it gets boring after a while and like some other people said you should be able to create your own person and you should be able to go out to town somewhere and actually go to school and there should be more house upgrades! (btw who names there kids geometry, bib and utopia❔) please take all of this to your concern

Fun game but....

This is a great fame but... There should definitely be a town that you can go into and do stuff, u should be able to plan special events like ur wedding or ur first kid! It would also be cool if u could buy new houses or add on to ur house/redecorate it. To have more than one pet would be nice too. I have everything upgraded and I have like 30 million dollars and theres nothing rlly left to do.... and also I find it rlly annoying when Im listening to music and I go into this game and cant listen to it.. Fun game but desperately needs an update


PLEASE HELP!!!! This app was AWESOME, I was on my 3rd generation and then one day I went on it and maybe like a minute after, it crashed! I thought ok, maybe I pressed the home button, but I kept on trying to get onto the app and It kept on crashing:(:( Now I cant even play it anymore.... The last time I went on it was a week ago I honestly dont want to delete the app and download it again ( I know that sounds really cheap, but still) Please fix this problem maybe by an update??? please!!!!


I love this game the only suggestions I have are that you could name your people, could choose how they look, or let them go into town to do more, like shopping, or mailing letters to others, ect. But one of the BEST games ever!


Hi, I love this game. I have almost ever thing upgraded and have like, 19 generations. But today I try to go on it and after like ten seconds it just crashed. :( I love the game how it is. The crazy names the crazy looks. But I need it to stop cashing! Please help! Oh also I wish that we could have more than one pet. Thank you!

Great, but...

Great game, but... It can get sort of boring, plus they sleep to long. :( What if you wanna play at night?? Plus, Trying for babies shouldnt fail so much and you shouldnt have to wait to try again. Also, the people look crazy and their names are like-wise. You should be able to customize your people. I could go on and on, or i could just say, it needs an upgrade. BADLY. Otherwise, its a fantastic game and i love it, it just needs more options.. Thats all.


This is a great game!! Except you should be able to, -Name your people -Have more than one pet -Be able to have a babys room or crib, so the mother can set the baby down -Have to go to work and school -Your people shouldnt die so easily!!!! I live playing this game, these adjustments would make it fantastic!!!

Needs upgrades

I loved this game but then it got boring. I have over a million dollars and I already bought everything so my moneys just sitting there. The game needs more 1. I want to name my first person and kids. 2. Y do u have to wait soooo long before u can have another kid? 3. It should put more of the collectables u dont have outside. Every collectable that comes up I have already! 4. It needs more stuff u can DO like mini-games for putting out fires and house repairs and stuff. And my game has a glitch. The varied items in my store never change! Its been empty for a month with nothing but to outfits so I cant get some of the trophies! I am not starting over, I fixed everything already and I have a lot of the coin and picture collection. (I need one more coin, I finished it in my old game b4 I got the full game,) and I have 70 trophies already and I dont want to lose them! More upgrades and fix the glitches!

U guys

Just to tell u it is not there fault it freezes its kinda ur iPod or iPad and they dont read THEASE so if u wanna contact them get there number or email address and give a compleat and if u want go on the dum computer and go on there website then everything will be better so stop being that way and get off ur lazy but and go to the computer or phone ok got it great

Great game

OMG This game is the bomb except -it takes 2 long to have another kid -the mom cant work while holding a child -it gets repetitive Ps to open the shed place a person on an item in the sandbox they will place the lock on the shed then place them on the welcome mat and they will unlock the door - hope this was useful

Good but..

I like this game but the varied items dont change!!! I used them all now I dont have any and it hasnt changed for a week!!!!

Good game but...

I really like this game and its a lot of fun but the items in the store havent changed for days now. Is this some sort of glitch on my part and if so how can I fix it without resetting my game?


I have a question so Ive been playin this game for a long time and I still dont know how to get rid of fire from your oven

Best game ever!!!!

Ok so for everyone who says we should be able to go into the town, YOU CAN!!! If u get all the trophies! And we should be able to date and divorce.

Update needed

OMG BEST GLITCH EVER!!! So I go on the game, and it starts up then goes off, Then, I go back on and I have 7 adults with jobs in my house!! But girls can have kids together... O.o

When do the kids get back?

I really do love this game but I had 4 kids and none of them have gotten back from university yet :( Its sort of boring with only the parents..... And a cat. The only thing better is if the kids could get home faster. Love the game though

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