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Virtual Families app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 1776 ratings )
Games Entertainment Family Simulation
Developer: LDW Software, LLC
1.99 USD
Current version: 1.2.2, last update: 10 months ago
First release : 25 Jun 2009
App size: 148.63 Mb

Virtual Families is a casual family sim that runs in true real time. Adopt a little person from the thousands of choices of little people who live inside your iPhone. Encourage them to work in their chosen career to earn money for necessities and luxuries, help them choose a suitable mate, start and raise a family, let them kick back with a variety of leisure activities, and take care of and improve their home. Along the way, there will be many different random events to respond to, house malfunctions to repair, and mini-puzzles to solve, all of them adding an unexpected element to the daily routine. This is the same sensational game that became a smash Windows and Mac hit!

The game continues to progress in true real time, even when your iPhone is turned off, so don’t forget to check in regularly to care for your little people.

More about Virtual Families:

* Real-time game play, with new surprises every time you turn on the game!
* Fully trainable people: shape and adapt their personalities through praising and scolding!
* Marry for love; marry for money – the choice is yours.
* Raise children and enjoy them as they grow up and go off to college.
* Dynamic illness system. Play doctor!
* Solve hidden puzzles around the house.
* Improve the house and pass it to successive generations.
* Random Events: unique and unpredictable email and house events that bring everything from the tax man to free stuff!
* Collectibles: dozens of unique collectibles for your family to collect and sell.
* Trophies: over 100 trophies that can be earned for almost every area of game play.
* Weather ranging from sunny days to thunderstorms.

Recommended for people who enjoy Virtual Villagers, and other life sims!

LDW games have been awarded with:

* Sim Game of the Year – Game Tunnel
* The Zeebys – Gamezebo
* Parents Choice Recommended Award
* iParenting Media Award

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Pros and cons of Virtual Families app for iPhone and iPad

Virtual Families app good for

Great game but gets boring after awhile need new updates and it would be cool if u could add on to the house change it up not always the same stuff and also if u get to name the kids etc <3
This is a great game but there should be an update. It would be a lot more fun if you could leave the house and if the kids went to school. Also you should be able to create your own character and name yourself and your kids, who names there kid tofu or blondie? Just saying...... Please take this into consideration!
I love this game but now... 1:The mom for some reason just vanished so I clicked on her profile and I showed me a spot where she was supposed to be but I cant see her! 2: who names there Kid humph, proxy, gipsi, tonic, star, orbit, bug, loot, tiny, Beamer, java, zest, freckles, zebra... U get my point u should b able to name them urself 3: I finished all of the collections except bugs and I need 4 more and they wont apear in my lawn 4: I think u should b able 2 go 2 school with the kids and go 2 work with the parents 5: the pets dont die yet the parents die! So technically it isnt just like real life 6: the years go by so fast its just wired I thought that the game was good untill just now
Its a good game. I go on it everyday, but it really needs and upgrade because it gets boring after a while and like some other people said you should be able to create your own person and you should be able to go out to town somewhere and actually go to school and there should be more house upgrades! (btw who names there kids geometry, bib and utopia❔) please take all of this to your concern
I love this game the only suggestions I have are that you could name your people, could choose how they look, or let them go into town to do more, like shopping, or mailing letters to others, ect. But one of the BEST games ever!
Hi, I love this game. I have almost ever thing upgraded and have like, 19 generations. But today I try to go on it and after like ten seconds it just crashed. :( I love the game how it is. The crazy names the crazy looks. But I need it to stop cashing! Please help! Oh also I wish that we could have more than one pet. Thank you!

Some bad moments

PLEASE HELP!!!! This app was AWESOME, I was on my 3rd generation and then one day I went on it and maybe like a minute after, it crashed! I thought ok, maybe I pressed the home button, but I kept on trying to get onto the app and It kept on crashing:(:( Now I cant even play it anymore.... The last time I went on it was a week ago I honestly dont want to delete the app and download it again ( I know that sounds really cheap, but still) Please fix this problem maybe by an update??? please!!!!
Knowing ho to treat those little creatures, it was great to play an half hour with theme. As soon as I tried to reopen the game it chrashes :( plz.. Do something :(
It mightve been good whenever it first came out but now it is definitely not the best. You can barely make out the faces on the virtual people and it is hard to make money. Not worth $1.99 for sure. If you like Virtual Families altogether, I recommend Virtual Families 2. It is a much better game than this one and its free. Its basically the same game except you can see the people better and make coins easily. The only thing about the new Virtual Families is that there are in-app-purchases which rarely come across the screen they are just there in case you need extra coins.
I dont understand like once I got a pool and my family died and I got a new one and my pool and totally fully restored house just disappeared and I was so ticked I spend all my coins to get that I had like over 1,000,000,000 wich I think was a glitch but I made me SO MAD
Boring was glitching about 80% of the time any way I would advise u dont get it
I first got this app on my tablet and i had 27 generations the reason being my last generation just would not have kids I even tried the baby boost and still no kids!

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